Personal Injury

If you have been injured in a serious accident it is imperative that you take legal action and secure financial compensation. Our contingency based fee structure allows each and every client to retain solid legal representations without worrying about legal bills. We do not charge for our services if we do not win. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial challenges that injury victims and their families face. Whether injured in a car accident or while crossing the street, we help injury victims and their families seek the maximum compensation available to them under the law.

Real Estate

Because Richard Rodriguez is both an Attorney and Real Estate Broker you have the advantage of a more accurate knowledge regarding any proposed Real Estate transactions from purchase to sales and financing.


We provide skilled assistance to individuals, businesses and families struggling with immigration law matters. Whether you need help fighting removal proceedings or wish to bring a family member to the country, we will provide you with answers to your immigration law questions .


Whether you’ve been arrested for DUI, assault, fraud, drugs, theft, or another offense, Richard Rodriguez is an experienced criminal defense lawyer and understands what it takes to provide you with the best chance of a dismissal, a reduction in the charges against you, or a not guilty verdict.

Bankruptcy 7 & 13